Monday, February 20, 2012

No. 5: A new marketing approach of a shoes company to collect customers (February 21, 2012)

Market trend
ASICS, one of Japan’ leading athletic shoes makers, will launch a new service within the year. The new service is to provide each user with information on his best shoes. A user sends his marathon training plan on the company web page My Asics, and the company collects detailed information on his training. Based on the analysis of his ability and level, the company sends information on his best shoes by e-mail. The service is free of charge. The company plans to expand the service worldwide and increase the users to 1 million in three years.

The user sends such information as gender, age, training frequency, as best marathon time via the web page. The company analyzes the characteristics of each user and sorts out the best shoes for him. ASICS has more than 100 kinds of running shoes on its lineup and wishes to promote its products by suggesting the best shoes for each user. The accumulated information and data will be utilized for the development of new products.  

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